Searching for Copper: Sheepdog Expansion in State 48

There is no question the training scene in Arizona is heating up in 2018. Home to golf tournaments and classic car auctions this time of year, it comes as no surprise that Phoenix is rising to the top of the list for the training schedule. More than a dozen scholarship recipients traveled to Utah and Nevada locations at the end of 2017 . One officer found a break in the middle of SWAT sniper qualifications to drive to Las Vegas for the law enforcement class and then drive back to complete his work in his cruiser. If that’s not the definition of a sheepdog, I don’t know what is.

Arizona not only has very friendly gun laws, but there is no shortage of locations where you can work on live fire training. Our partner 5.11 has a beautiful new retail location in the city to outfit your kit. There has also been recent growth in Brazilian Ju Jitsu gyms, however the real challenge will be finding two locations that are in close proximity to each other and operate at the level you have come to expect from the team. It has also popped up on the calendar of friends over at Courses of Action who is offering a carbine course in February in Casa Grande. While we currently only offer scholarships for Sheepdog Response, Travis, one of the instructors from the Las Vegas event highly recommends going to visit Johnny Primo and the team. Phoenix classes are set for March 19th - 25th so secure a spot now. We are currently accepting 2018 scholarship applications so make sure you apply now to get ahead of the crowd.

Fundraising efforts will be critical to our efforts in Arizona. Our goal is to ensure that every single law enforcement officer that has a department financial hardship can and will take advantage of the best training available. That is why in February 27th we will be hosting a special event in partnership with Alamo Drafthouse of Chandler. This movie night is designed to make this market the most successful one yet.

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